Mental Health Practitioner (Advanced)/Clinical Trainee

Under the supervision of a Mental Health Professional, the Advanced Mental Health Practitioner provides mental health services to identified children and adults in the office, home, or other community setting. Duties include assisting in the establishment of a clinical diagnosis and in the development of a diagnostic assessment report; conducting functional assessments, designed to identify functional limitations of the client, due to mental health problems.  This position is also responsible for designing and routinely reviewing treatment plans, as well as implementing interventions, as outlined, in order to ameliorate the mental health condition.  Services are designed to meet specific mental health needs of the adult or child, and support the child’s family in assisting the client, as appropriate, and must address the need for crisis services, as appropriate. 


The Advanced Mental Health Practitioner must hold a master’s degree / doctorate in a behavioral science or related field from an accredited college or university. 

The Mental Health Practitioner shall receive 36 hours of continuing education every two calendar years.  Topics covered in training must be related to serving the needs of children with emotional disturbance and conform to Minnesota Rules 9635.4068.

The Mental Health Practitioner must pass a criminal background check.  S/he must also possess a valid driver’s license and maintain current automobile insurance.


Clinical responsibilities are conducted under the supervision of the Mental Health Professional, and include: 

  • Conducting mental health, diagnostic assessment, and functional assessments, with a focus on the needs and functional limitations as rendered by the mental health diagnosis
  • Writing assessment reports for the file, as indicated / assigned
  • Developing Individual Treatment Plans to address the therapeutic needs of the client
  • Providing therapeutic interventions, as outlined in the Individual Treatment Plan, to meet the client / family goals, and assist the client in managing mental health symptoms and learning alternative skills.  Examples may include problem solving, decision making, communication, conflict resolution, assertiveness, anger management, role playing, coping skills, emotional modulation, exposure-based interventions, activity scheduling, parent education, limit setting, etc. Services may be provided in the office, home, or other community setting, as indicated. 
  • Review the treatment plan with the client / family every 90 days, in keeping with standards
  • Assist in managing client risk factors for hospitalization or out of home placement

Provides crisis assistance services to (1) Address abrupt or substantial changes in the functioning of the child or the child’s family indicated by a sudden change in the behavior with negative consequences for well-being, loss of usual coping mechanisms, or the presentation of danger to self or others; (2) Crisis prevention, identification, and management: (3) Reduce immediate personal distress and to assess factors that precipitated the crisis in order to reduce the chance of future crisis through arrangements for direct intervention, support services to the child and family, and provision for the utilization of more appropriate services.

Receives weekly supervision and direction from the designated Mental Health Professional.  Seeks supervision when needed at other times, i.e., during crisis situations.    

Administrative responsibilities include:

  • Complete notes for services rendered in keeping with policy
  • Maintain chart compliance, per Rule 29 standards
  • Attend treatment team meetings as necessary
  • Attend case consultation as per standards (4 hours per month for a full time Mental Health Practitioner)
  • Contribute to the development of agency policies and procedures as requested
  • Complete billing / productivity management reports weekly
  • Complete staff time sheet/expense logs monthly
  • Participate in supervision activities as directed
  • Participate in training and continuing education as outlined, and in keeping with standards

 Expected professional and team behavior includes:

  • Dress appropriately for the job
  • Work in a positive and cooperative manner with others
  • Resolve problems constructively
  • Taking initiative, pitching in, and being a team player
  • Communicating openly and directly with others
  • Flexibility when situations change, and re-prioritizing tasks if needed
  • Show a positive attitude with respect to the job and the agency
  • Show patience with clients, co-workers, and other team members
  • Accept responsibility for your own behavior, decisions, and actions


Please note this job description is not designated to cover or contain a comprehensive listing of activities, duties or responsibilities that are required of the employee for this job.  Duties, responsibilities and activities may change at any time with or without notice.


Under normal circumstances the employee will need to have the physical capacity to continuously use his/her hands for simple and firm grasping and fine manipulation.  The employee may be required to do the following:

·         Lift and carry 25-100 lbs.

·         Push / Pull

·         Squat / Kneel / Stoop

·         Bend

·         Twist upper, and lower back

The expectation of this position is for the physical capacity to provide physical intervention with child clients when this is needed.  Physical intervention includes, but is not limited to implementing physical guidance, physical restraint, and physical transport procedures during health and safety situations. It is expected that if the Mental Health Practitioner cannot perform these potentially vigorous activities, even temporarily, the supervisor will be immediately informed. 

Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.  Physical demands may vary for each client.  You will be provided with more information if special physical demands are needed for a client. 

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