Intake Coordinator

This position is key in the organization, as it is one of the first points of client and referral source contacts.  The Intake Coordinator is responsible for scheduling NEW clients in the office for the organization.  The primary objective is to facilitate a warm and professional environment, to help individuals feel welcomed when calling the clinic.  This position conveys accessibility of services and schedules new client services based upon client’s presenting problem, insurance reimbursement and the clinical expertise and competence of the assigned clinical staff.  Assist with coverage of intake duties of other clinic locations as needed.  Provide guidance and training to Intake Specialists.


·         Must be at least 18 years of age.

·         Must have a high school diploma or GED.

·         Experience in mental health billing/coding, is preferred.

·         Must have excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

·         Must be able to deal with difficult situations in a client-oriented manner and present professionally at all times.

·         Must be able to complete paperwork requirements in a timely manner.

·         Must have good time management skills.

·         Must have good organizational skills.

·         Must be able to multi-task and re-prioritize at times.

·         Must be proficient in word processing and data entry.


            Intake responsibilities include:

·         Compiling and generating intake information in the electronic record for new clients of the clinic.

·         Scheduling new clients by matching presenting problem to appropriate clinical staff and/or program based upon insurance coverage and clinician’s expertise.

·         Verification of client’s insurance benefits.

·         Input all initial consent forms for new clients, returning clients, and clients that have recently turned 18 years of age.

·         Obtain necessary forms prior to client’s initial appointment if necessary.

·         Compiling and organization of monthly Intake Appointment statistics for the Business Coordinator.

·         Collection of co-pays and client account balances.

·         Liaison to clinicians with respect to eligibility to provide services based on various aspects.

·         Compile and organize clinician scheduling rotations to comply with scheduling requirements.

·         Update and organize Intake Manual regularly

·         Assist with coverage of Intake Specialist duties as needed for absent staff.

·         Assist the Business Coordinator in facilitation of semi-monthly Intake/Support Staff Meetings.

·         Work directly with the Business Coordinator in carrying out data entry audits; creating and analyzing client chart data, ensuring accuracy and providing feedback to Intake/Support Staff regularly.

·         Act as a lead for Intake Specialists provide training to new hires and existing staff on procedural changes.

Expected professional and team behavior includes:

·         Dress in professional attire for the job.

·         Work in a positive and cooperative manner with others.

·         Resolve problems constructively.

·         Take initiative. Be willing to pitch in. Be energetic.

·         Communicate directly with colleagues.

·         Be dependable with work schedule.

·         Display a positive attitude about the job and the agency.

·         Show pride in work.

·         Be patient with clients, co-workers, and other team members.

·         Be willing to give and accept constructive feedback.

·         Accept responsibility for own behavior and decisions.

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