Intake Specialist/Receptionist

We are hiring for a part-time intake specialist/receptionist in our Fargo office. This position is key in the organization, as it is one of the first points of client and referral source contacts. This position is responsible to answer phones and conduct intake functions for clients requesting services. The primary objective is to facilitate a warm and professional environment, to help individuals feel welcomed when calling the clinic. This position functions as a receptionist performing various clerical duties, client account collections and overseeing the waiting room.

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Certified Peer Specialist (Level 1)

The Certified Peer Specialist is a complement to an array of mental health support services, although does not replace other mental health professionals. Mental health peer support is an expansion of mental health staffing patterns to include “consumers as providers” within mental health service settings. Peer support providers are recognized as a distinct provider type for the delivery of support services and is considered an evidence-based mental health model of care.    

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Mental Health Practitioner (Advanced)/Clinical Trainee

We are looking for an Advanced Mental Health Practitioner to join our team.  Under the supervision of a Mental Health Professional, the Advanced Mental Health Practitioner provides mental health services to identified children and adults in the office, home, or other community setting. Duties include assisting in the establishment of a clinical diagnosis and in the development of a diagnostic assessment report; conducting functional assessments, designed to identify functional limitations of the client, due to mental health problems.  This position is also responsible for designing and routinely reviewing treatment plans, as well as implementing interventions, as outlined, in order to ameliorate the mental health condition. 

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Mental Health Technician

We are looking for a Mental Health Technician to join our Fargo team.  Under the supervision of a Mental Health Professional, provides rehabilitative mental health services that implement the goals and objectives of the individual treatment plan for an individual with mental health needs.  These services are designed to meet specific mental health needs of the individual and support them in activities of daily and community living.  Such services allow the individual to replace inappropriate skills with developmentally and therapeutically appropriate daily living skills, social skills and leisure and recreational skills which will reduce the risk of hospitalization.  Services must assist the individual in arranging crisis services.  Services must be provided in the individual’s residence and other community or recreational settings.

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Behavior Interventionist I

Now hiring Behavior Interventionists to work in our autism program. This position provides programming for children having an autism spectrum disorder or related condition using the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis to help children learn needed skills and for families to accomplish identified outcomes on the treatment plan. A college degree in a human service or child development field and experience with autism preferred. High energy and an enthusiastic attitude is required. Job training will be provided.

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Rule 79 Adult/Child Case Manager

We are currently looking for someone to provide mental health case management services to Seriously & Persistently (SPMI) Adults as well as Seriously Emotionally Disturbed (SED) children and their families, and providing care coordination for individuals in transitional living situations.  This position is designed to coordinate services for individuals transitioning to community settings.  Services are designed to assist these individuals in gaining access to needed medical, social, education, financial, and other services necessary to ensure stabilization of functioning and meet mental health needs.  Case management services will be delivered either face to face or via telephone contact with the client, family, or other service providers. Services also include coordinating and monitoring the delivery of those services.

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Behavior Health Technician

Are you interested in a career in the mental health field? Becoming a Behavioral Health Technician is a perfect starting point!

As an entry-level position, Solutions employs BHTs from a variety of backgrounds, including those with high school degrees, those in college, recent college graduates, or those just starting out in the mental health field.  This is an ideal position for those seeking to gain experience in the mental health field, as well as students seeking part-time or full-time work and experienced mental health workers looking to further develop their skills.

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Licensed Psychologist

We are currently seeking a Licensed Psychologist to work with a general clinic population. Responsibilities for the Licensed Psychologist will include conducting Psychological; evaluations for a variety of purposes, including general mental health questions, establishment of program eligibility, parenting assessments, ADHD, etc.; provision of mental health therapy in the clinic setting; position may provide clinical supervision to community-based programming; and being a part of a multi-disciplinary treatment team

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Licensed Therapist

We are currently seeking a Licensed Therapist to work with a general clinic population including children and families. This position works as part of the multi-disciplinary treatment team within Solutions' Outpatient Services and provides assessment and intervention services for children and adults with a wide range of mental health disorders. It conducts diagnostic assessments to determine mental health conditions and service needs. It provides evidence-based mental health treatment within the parameters of documented training and supervised work experience and internal or external referrals as needed.

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Licensed Child Therapist

We are currently seeking a Licensed Child Therapist (LPCC, LICSW, LMFT, Licensed Psychologist) to work with children with mental health issues. Responsibilities for the Licensed Child Therapist will include: (list 3-4)

  • Provision of individual, group and family therapy
  • May provide clinical supervision for community-based services
  • Being a part of a multidisciplinary treatment team
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Mental Health Practitioner

We are currently seeking a Mental Health Practitioner to work with children and adults with mental health disorders Responsibilities for the Mental Health Practitioner will include:

  • Providing individual, group and family skills training and support in community settings
  • Developing and monitoring individual treatment plans, designed to restore the client's personal functioning
  • Working under the oversight of a supervising Mental Health Professional
  • Being a part of a multi-disciplinary treatment team
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Child Psychologist

We are currently seeking a Licensed Child Psychologist to work with children with mental health issues and autism spectrum disorders. Responsibilities for the Licensed Child Psychologist will include:

  • Conducting Psychological Evaluations for establishment of mental health diagnosis and autism spectrum disorder
  • Provision of mental health therapy in the clinic setting
  • Providing clinical oversight for Solutions' autism services
  • Being a part of a multi-disciplinary treatment team
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